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William M. Keyser

Fax +1.202.778.9100

William Keyser, a partner in Washington, D.C., focuses his practice on regulatory litigation and transactions involving the nation’s electricity and capacity markets. Will represents clients before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Department of Energy, federal and state courts and state public utility commissions. His clients include electric utilities, transmission providers, independent power providers, hydro electric power producers, power marketers, public utility holding companies, and debt and equity investors. Will has represented and counseled clients on matters including mergers and acquisitions, transmission rates and cost allocation, interconnection procedures and agreements, market-based and cost-based sales of energy, renewable portfolio standards, interlock issues, FERC’s e-Tariff requirements, and participation in regional transmission organizations.


Prior to joining K&L Gates, Mr. Keyser served as a law clerk for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel.  As a law clerk, he participated in a number of licensing proceedings including proceedings involving nuclear reactors, low-level waste facilities and the siting of a proposed independent storage facility.

  • Represents a public utility in defending against a challenge to the annual update of its transmission formula rate
  • Represents a public utility in Montana in renewing its market-based rate authority
  • Represents an independent power producer in Montana in negotiating a large generator interconnection agreement (LGIA) and transmission service agreements associated with its expansion of a hydro electric generation facility
  • Represents a public utility holding company and its subsidiaries in complying with FERC’s interlock requirements
  • Represents a transmission owner in a FERC proceeding to determine the proper cost allocation methodology to be used for high voltage transmission facilities in PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. (PJM)
  • Represented a Pennsylvania public utility holding company in the $7.6 billion acquisition of two electric utility companies in Kentucky
  • Represented hydro electric power producers in obtaining QF and EWG status
  • Represented hydro electric power producers in obtaining market-based rate authority
  • Represented hydro electric power producer in headwater benefits proceeding
  • Represented entity in underwater hydroelectric licensing proceeding
  • Represented several public utilities in complying with FERC’s e-Tariff filing requirements
  • Represented a hydro generation owner in obtaining a FERC order defining it rights as a network resource interconnection service customer under FERC’s pro forma LGIA
  • Represented a Pennsylvania public utility in obtaining FERC approval for its formula transmission rates
  • Represented a generation owner in protesting the results of its host transmission owner’s Simultaneous Import Limitation Study
  • Represented a public utility in obtaining transmission rate incentives for its $700 million 500 kV transmission line in PJM
  • Represented a transmission owning public utility in modifying its depreciation rates as they are applied in its transmission formula rates
  • Represented a Maine independent power producer in defending against challenges to its market-based rate authority
  • Represented a coalition of PJM transmission owners in defending a FERC order approving a cost allocation methodology for high voltage transmission projects in PJM in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
  • Represented a biomass plant in obtaining certification as a renewable energy facility in Connecticut
  • Represented a public utility in defending a FERC order approving its market-based rate authority in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit