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Syed Ali - Spotlight

Presenters: Syed D. Ali

Preparing for his callback interview as a summer associate candidate, Syed Ali wasn’t sure what to expect from the firm, a city he had only visited a few times, or the people he would meet. Now an associate in the Pittsburgh office, Syed admits he fell in love with Pittsburgh and was struck by the collegiality between the lawyers he met. “Almost every lawyer I met during my initial interview is still with the firm – and many are partners I work with today and count as my friends.” It was clear this was a community of lawyers, co-workers, and friends who enjoyed their work. The open and supportive culture continues to impress Syed. “K&L Gates is only what each individual lawyer makes it to be, but the opportunities the firm provides are second to none. The partners here are committed to helping young lawyers develop, and it is just a matter of the associates taking advantage of that culture.”

The firm’s commitment to developing the legal talent of its young lawyers has provided invaluable opportunities for Syed. “My career has advanced far more than I thought possible. I’ve been given opportunities to take depositions, including depositions overseas; participate in oral arguments; and be involved with all aspects of the cases on which I work. The mentoring I’ve received here has been extraordinarily helpful. I’ve been able to learn from lawyers whom I consider the best in their respective practice areas, and many of these lawyers have taken the time and shown interest in my career development.”

Reflecting on the start of his career, Syed stresses the importance of young lawyers accepting responsibility for the direction of their career. “Opportunities, whether they are client driven or development based, are available. Take initiative, and seek them out.”